NGC 891 Imaging….

Shown below is one of the latest images from SVO. NGC 891,(Caldwell 23), is an edge on spiral galaxy which is about 30 million light years away from earth. It is located in the constellation Andromeda and is often a favorite imaging target of astronomers. Down at the right corner of this image is another more distant spiral galaxy. NGC 898, which shines at magnitude 13.9 and is approximately 266 million light years away. You can find additional imaging details here at my Astrobin page.

NGC 891 and 898

NGC 891 and 898

NGC 7331 imaging….

Below is the most recent image from SVO. NGC 7331, located in the constellation Pegasus, is the brightest member of “The Deer Lick” group. This spiral galaxy is approximately 40 million light years from earth. The fainter galaxies seen here are at least ten times more distant. This image was acquired from 42x 60 second light frames stacked with 10 darks, 10 flats and 10 bias frames. No autoguiding was used in this short exposure stack. Additional info can be found here on the SVO astrobin page. SVO Astrobin page


NGC 7331 and members of “The Deer Lick” group.