Prepping for the Perseid meteor shower and Intro to Astrometry

The weather for viewing or imaging in western North Carolina has been horrendous this summer. With so much down time, I have been busy with plans for when the skies do decide to clear, which I am starting to think may just be Autumn. One project has been to develop a weatherproof climate controlled enclosure for an all sky camera. The all sky camera is actually my ZWO ASI224mc planetary imager which doubles as an excellent all sky camera. The plan is to have it ready in time to capture the peak of the Perseid meteor shower this month. All dependent on weather of course.

Other projects have been the continued integration of the image acquisition software, mainly the auto-focus module. With no clear skies to be had, it has been impossible to set up. And lastly on the couple of mediocre nights that we have had, I tried my luck at imaging for astrometry. The bright asteroid Pallas, was a good target to cut my teeth on.



Future plans for astrometry imaging are to next image Pluto and Eros. But again, just waiting on the skies to clear.

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