• Optical/Imaging

  • 0.35 meter Optical/Imaging telescope: Pier mounted Celestron EdgeHD14 aplanatic schmidt-cassegrain on a Losmandy G11GT/Gemini2 mount.
  • 0.20 meter Optical/Imaging telescope: Celestron EdgeHD8 aplanatic schmidt-cassegrain on a Losmandy G11/Gemini2 mount.
  • Optical/Imaging telescope: Piggyback Explore Scientific CF 127mm F7.5 triplet refractor/w 0.7x reducer = f5.2.
  • Optical/Imaging telescope: Explore Scientific 102mm F7 triplet refractor/w 0.8x reducer = f5.6.
  • Additional optical telescopes: 10″ f5.6 Dobsonian reflector. (Currently offline for maintenance)
  • Meade ETX-80mm AT-TC short tube refractor.
  • Field mount: Celestron AVX
  • Starizona Hyperstar System
  • Primary Deep Sky/Asteroid Imaging camera: ZWO ASI 1600MM Cooled Mono CMOS with Electronic Filter Wheel
  • Primary Deep Sky Imaging camera: ZWO ASI 294MC Cooled Color CMOS
  • Secondary Deep Sky Imaging camera: Canon EOS T4i
  • Primary Planetary Imaging camera: ZWO ASI224MC
  • Autoguider camera: ZWO ASI120MM-S
  • Software

  • Associated Imaging & Control Software: Sequence Generator Pro, Backyard EOS, Gemini 2, Nexremote, Stellarium, SkyTools 3, Astrtortilla.
  • Image Processing: Pixinsight, Deep Sky Stacker, Registax6, Autostakkert, Photoshop CC, Lightroom.
  • Astrometry: Astrometrica, Tycho 2.7

Previous imaging configuration: Celestron EdgeHD8 and Explore Scientific 127 mm triplet refractor. ASI 1600MM cool with electronic filter wheel and ASI 224MC cameras ahown.

Current imaging configuration: Celestron EdgeHD14 with Hyperstar  and a ZWO 1600MM/294mc cooled camera mounted on a Losmandy G11GT mount.

Explore Scientific 102mm APO Refractor mounted on AVX field tripod.

Explore Scientific 102mm APO Refractor mounted on AVX field tripod.


Live We Cam (status dependent on scheduled activity).

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