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The Department of Justice will soon launch a comprehensive review of penalties for offences such as theft and burglary. “It is felt that the penalties associated with crimes such as theft, robbery, burglary may not be enough to deter potential perpetrators. The Department of Justice will conduct a review and advise Cabinet on possible changes,” the Prime Minister said. Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica in Washington: Rent Commission 2nd Floor, Vanoulst House, Goodwill Road, Goodwill Tel: (767) 266 3031 Hillsborough Agricultural Station Layou Tel: (767) 266 4213. Trafalgar Health Centre Trafalgar Tel: (767) 266 4152 Scotts Head Health Centre Scotts Head Tel: (767) 266 4028. Large Medium Taxpayers Section (LMTS) 2nd Floor Financial Centre Tel. : (767) 266 3996 Government Headquarters Ground Floor, Government Headquarters, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Fax: (767) 448 5044. Morne Bruce Police Academy Tel: (767) 266-5148 Grand Bay Agricultural Station Grand Bay Tel.: (767) 446-3759 The country`s leader hopes that any changes will soon be presented to Cabinet. Technical Services Division 1st Floor, Government Headquarters, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Tel: (767) 266-3231 Woodford Hill Woodford Hill Health Centre Tel: (767) 266-4774 Special Branch Police Headquarters, Bath Road, Roseau Tel: (767) 266-5162 / 5116 Fax: (767) 448-3390. Turkey Lane National Prosecutor`s Office, Roseau Tel: (767) 266 4467.

Dublanc/ Centre de santé Bioche Dublanc/ Bioche Tel.: (767) 266-4181 The Honourable Skerrit announced that the Government will support members of the private sector who want to install security cameras in various locations across the country. Dominica Community High School Louisville Tel: (767) 266 4970 Cochrane Health Centre Tel: (767) 266 4796. Wesley High School Cross Street Tel: (767) 266-4977 Bellevue Health Centre Bellevue Tel: (767) 266-5718. Clifton Health Centre Reconstruction Clifton Tel: (767) 266-4763 Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT) Top Floor, 42 Kennedy Ave (formerly Jays Building), Roseau Tel: (767) 266-3768 Fax: (767) 448-5235 Website: Arthur Waldron Seventh-day Adventist Academy Portsmouth Tel: (767) 445-5152 The Prime Minister said preventing and combating crime remains a priority for his government and initiatives to engage public ideas on how to fight crime. in progress. The Prime Minister added that the exact list of articles will be published shortly. This measure will come into effect on September 1, 2012. Goodwill Secondary School Roseau Tel: (767) 266-4262. Value Added Tax Unit 2nd Floor, Financial Centre, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Tel: (767) 266-3531 Fax: (767) 440-5690. “As promised, we met with communities to discuss the problem of crime and efforts to address it.

We have also strengthened surveillance in some of the problem areas, made possible by the appointment of about twenty additional special police officers. Castle Bruce Farmers` Centre Castle Bruce Tel: (767) 266 4210 Magistrates` Court (Court No. 3) 20 Cork Street, Roseau Tel: (767) 266 3117 The Prime Minister of Dominica R. Skerrit visited the Republic of Serbia from 2 to 5 February 2019, while the DPM and the MFA visited the Commonwealth of Dominica on the occasion of I. Dačić on 30 October 2018. Roseau North and Valley High Street Youth Office, Roseau Tel: (767) 266-4291. Office of Education/North Harbour Lane, Portsmouth Tel. : (767) 266 4377 Immigration Department – Canefield Airport Canefield Airport, Canefield Tel: (767) 449 1199. Maintenance Department Princess Margaret Hospital, Clerk of Good Will / Lady Eugenia Charles Boulevard Court Stenographer Unit, Roseau Tel.: (767) 266 3079.

Prime Minister and Treasury Secretary Roosevelt Skerrit informed Parliament this week that existing sanctions may not be enough to deter perpetrators. The Prime Minister took the opportunity to thank law enforcement agencies, including police and customs, for their efforts and achievements in bringing criminals to justice. The Prime Minister also welcomed the support of the private sector. Bilateral relations are developing, characterized by the positive dynamism of political dialogue and the mutual interest in improving all forms of cooperation. The Republic of Serbia also participates in activities in regional organizations of which the Commonwealth of Dominica is a full member — the Caribbean Community and the Association of Caribbean States, which provide a complementary channel of communication and create opportunities for further development of relations. Marine Unit Fond Cole Tel: (767) 266 5173 Fax: (767) 448 7158. Centre de santé de Rivière-Cyriques Rivière-Cyriques Tel.: (767) 266 4002 Centre de ressources Saint-Joseph Tel.: (767) 266 3992. Diplomatic communication at the operational level is maintained through the embassies of both countries in Washington.

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia: Portsmouth Public Library Tel: (767) 266 5337 Immigration Department – Melville Hall Airport Melville Hall Airport, Marigot Tel: (767) 445 7100 Fax: (767) 445 7100. Mahaut River Health Centre Mahaut River Tel: (767) 266 4761 La Plaine Training Centre Tel: (767) 266 4455. Office of the Director of Education Education, Science and Technology Building, Cornwall Street, Roseau Tel: (767) 266-5514 Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) JSP Building, Bath Estate Tel: (767) 266-4151. Melville Hall Farmers Service Centre Marigot Tel: (767) 266 4209 Bananas and Plantains Unit Fond cole Tel: (767) 266 5924. National Employment Programme (NEP) Unit 1st Floor, Financial Centre, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Tel.: (767) 266 3452 Website: Cabinet Secretariat, 6th Floor, Financial Centre, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Tel. : (767) 266 3279 Road and Technical Surveys Constitution Hill, Roseau “The government will therefore facilitate efforts to install surveillance cameras in strategic areas, allowing duty-free entry of surveillance cameras and other related equipment.” Baroness Patricia Scotland Primary School Old Case “The government recognises attempts by the private sector to cooperate with government agencies in tackling crime.” In 2020, imports worth €7,000 were recorded. In 2019, there were no recorded merchandise trades. Office of the National Authorising Officer (NAO) 3rd floor, Financial Centre, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Tel.: (767) 266 3306 Fax: (767) 449 9443 Website:

Ministry of Youth Development and Empowerment, Youth at Risk, Gender Issues, Security of the Elderly and Dominicans with Disabilities 3rd Floor, Government Building, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau Tel.: (767) 266 3194 Email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! E-Mail-Address of Staatssekretärs: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! Website: Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist School Potters Ville Roseau Pierre Charles Secondary School Grand Bay Tel: (767) 266-4279. Centre de ressources Salybia Salybia Tel: (767) 266 4382 / 4383 Accident/Emergency Princess Margaret Hospital, Goodwill Tel: (767) 266 2105 Maintenance – Caravans Goodwill Road, Goodwill Tel: (767) 266 3715 Agricultural Information, Communication and Technology Unit (AICTU) Botanical Gardens, Roseau Tel: (767) 266 3804 North East Comprehensive School Wesley Tel: (767) 266 4994. Bâtiment JSP de l’agent de planification de l’éducation bei Bath Estate, Bath Estate.

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