Mythic Battles Pantheon Rules

With respect to Conan, I believe it was mentioned that fans will soon be able to receive the revised rules by mail free of charge once it is printed. I thought the problem with the original rules was mostly translation, and I think MB:P works with another translation company. I could be wrong about all this, I don`t remember where I read it. I supported MB:P (God Pledge) but I haven`t done the pledge manager yet because I decide to switch to a Titan promise. However, I don`t know how the rules of the game are “improving.” Recently, I saw Leo and Benoit at Beasts of War and they changed the rules for the design. It`s just that I have the Conan board game and I was very disappointed when I read the rules that I had to read a revised version. I`ve also seen reviews saying that Conan was really good when it was announced, but when it was really bad when it was released just because of the rules. I`m afraid MB:P is the same. Maybe I`m overreacting, but history tends to repeat itself. You will not be able to leave a review until you download the file. When I wrote this, I thought it didn`t really matter if they wrote the cost of the gods on the dashboard in the same place as the cost of heroes and monsters. If I understand correctly, has the project not been modified, only the way the points are thought out? In the end, you have enough points to get the same army the old and the new one. Only now do you start with more points and also design your god? I think that simplifies things.

Everyone gets a number of base points, then designs gods, then units instead of choosing a god, then sees how many points they have to spend on an army. The number of “games” in the box is essentially as much as the one that catches your eye. You have a normal open game that exposes everything in the box, then chooses any card, designs your army, and then plays. Or you can follow one of the included scenarios that will tell you which units to use and add a flavor scenario to your gameplay. Campaigns are just a series of several related scenarios. There was also a time when I was trying to help with the rulebook by clarifying an ambiguous text with the ability to wake up, and the guy just abandoned me, like he was trying to create a loophole or something. When it was first announced, you chose a god and set the number of conscription points for the troops; Now, the gods have some value because some gods are stronger than others, and I think what`s wrong with the way it was first announced? Atlas had a -2 on its dashboard because it was a titanium and it would have been easier to figure it out during the design process. (For example, you have 12 points to call your army, but if you choose Atlas as your leader, you`ll get 10 instead because he has a -2.) But now it`s 18 points for the whole army, because the gods cost 6, but Hera costs 4, so you can have 14 draw points for the troops. I`d probably feel different if I was really crazy about the subject here, but I believe that since a sequel has been suggested, I`ll wait a long time, let the promise of dollars sit down and see how this first step works, or finally see what kind of tweaks the system will get in the future. If it turns out to be good, maybe I`ll take Pantheon in detail.

I know I`m dropping exclusives, but I`m not really worried about that. With games like these landing in the $400-$500 range for collectors, these days I`m not as motivated to throw that amount of money at something I`m not 100% convinced of. So the fundamental promise seems to be of great value here. I`d probably bite if things were just a little smoother. The support of SDE Legends made me a little nervous, I guess. It`s the same, it bothers me because the old system seems more accessible, so if you teach your friends the game, you can just say, “You have to choose a god or a titan, on some of their dashboards you`ll find a number that increases or decreases your design points for the rest of your army. Instead of “You have 18 draft points, you have to choose a god or titans and most of them cost 6, but some cost 8 and 4, with the rest of your points, you draw your army.” If you pay God`s Promise (99), you get the base game plus stretch goals. My question is how many “games” are in the base game. I see words like scenarios and campaigns, I don`t really know what that means in the context of this game.

Well, Hera Special Power Fertility allows you to earn 2 extra recruitment points in writing, which is why she has 2 RP less than the other gods. I don`t know if any changes will be made in terms of RP costs by the gods during the design, but I think they interpret it differently this time around. Basically, nothing is changing at the moment, as far as I know. You can check out the Hera Expansion update to the KS campaign to learn more about her special power. Cheers! Why does it bother you, it`s literally the same thing? There is absolutely no difference between “Most gods cost 6, so design 18-point models now, but some gods cost 4 or 8” and “Most gods are free, but some gods come to your design pool with a +2 or -2 modifier.” Both take you to the same place at the same time, although I`d say one of them is clearer and more flexible (hint: this is the new system).

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